Tiny Treasures
TR!CKSTER   December 2014

The Iron Giant Mini Tribute
A Little Known Shop    September 2014

Moon Crisis: A Tribute to Sailor Moon
Rothick Art Haus    July 2014

The Subtle Art of Pop Culture
Gallery1988:West   April 2014

Love is in the Air
TR!CKSTER   February 2014

A Tribute to Little Golden Tales
Gallery Nucleus   January 2014


Out of the Shire: A Tribute Exhibition to Middle Earth
Gallery Nucleus   December 2013

Crazy 4 Cult: Say Hi to the Bad Guy
Gallery1988:West   October 2013

We Made Them Do It
Gallery1988:West   July 2013

Artist in Residence
Disney’s WonderGround Gallery   June 2013

City of Brea Art Gallery June 2013

Not In Kansas Anymore: A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz
Gallery Nucleus   March 2013

The Art of Shakespeare
Pop Revolution Gallery   February 2013

PaperWork In, On, and Of Paper VI
Foundry Exhibitions   February 2013


Good vs. Evil
Disney’s WonderGround Gallery   December 2012

Gallery Nucleus
  October 2012

August 2012

All Together Now: A Tribute to The Beatles
Gallery Nucleus
  July 2012

ISM 10: A Community Project
Grand Central Art Center
  July 2012

Something Superbly Small: Pint-Sized Art
City of Brea Art Gallery June 2012

Hanami After Dark/Art Party for Japan
Trade Center Management Associates (TCMA)
   April 2012

Look at This, Look at That: A Tribute to Dr. Seuss
Gallery Nucleus
  March 2012


The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me – A Jim Henson Tribute Exhibition
Gallery Nucleus
  December 2011

It’s a Small World
Gallery Nucleus   September 2011

Harry Potter Tribute Show
Gallery Nucleus
   July 2011

A Little Bit of Everything
Modest Fly Gallery
  October 2011

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market
OR Art
  August 2011


Art of Santa Monica Gala
Archstone Santa Monica
  April 2010

Art at the Aquarium
Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
   September 2009

Metzger Memorial All Media Art Exhibition
St. Louis Artists’ Guild
  December 2009

The Art of Photography Showcase
St. Louis Artists’ Guild 
  September 2003

Young Artists Showcase, Award Recipient
St. Louis Artists’ Guild  
May 2003

“Lullaby” Live Action Short film
Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Sound Editor
St. Louis International Film Festival  November 2006
International Student Film Festival Hollywood  November 2006
7th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival  October 2006
St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase  July 2006